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Entering Week 4

Posted on: September 26, 2008 10:53 pm

Wow! What a stunner, Bucs over Bears in OT! NO!!!! Never should have happened, the defense was too good in the first half for our offense and special teams to just give the Bears such great field position, the Bears would have never scored if the Buccaneers handed the ball over in the Bears own territory....not the case can call it luck we're (2-1).

In week 4 it's gonna take more than 16 rushing yds. on 12 carries from Earnest Graham, we're gonna need the offensive line to step up on run blocking and we need to take advantage of the injured Al Harris. Our defense should be able to hold the Packers offense under 20 points if our offense doesn't give up the ball too much. Again, it will come down to the offensive line and whether they decide to come and play.

Ryan Grant will probably have a good game against us, if the Packers are smart they'll continue to pound him between the tackles throughout the game. I'm afraid if this happens that it will open up the passing game for Rodgers, expect him to have a fairly decent game. On the defensive side of the ball for Green bay I see Al Harris as large blow to their secondary, unless Gruden decides to throw under 5 yards every down. I would let the loss of Al Harris be known to all of Green Bay with many 15+ yard passing plays to his back-up. But, you never know with Gruden.

With a tight back and forth game, I presume the Packers to win by no more than 10 points:

Green Bay Packers               21

Tampa Bay Buccaneers      17

Key Stats in Preview of Week 4

TB- E. Graham   14 rush - 82 yards - 1TD

TB- B. Griese      20+completions - 30+attempts - 150+yards - 1 TD



GB- R. Grant       20 rush - 95 yards - 1TD

GB- A. Rodgers   25+completions - 40+attempts - 250+yards - 2 TD

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